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My mom’s friend has a daughter the same age as me, and she’s a bitch that has had 3748653746 boyfriends, and she knows that i’ve never had one, so today her and her mother asked me: So… do you have a boyfriend?

Me: Yes.

Her: I bet he’s so stupid. HA! I have one and he’s the most popular guy in school…

Me: Oh yes? Mine’s british and he’s in a boyband, he came here with his other 4 bandmates and we fell in love, oh and I’m really close friends with the other lads too.

Her: Wh-what?

Her mother: Oh God! I’m so happy for you! A british boy! That’s so cool!

My mum:


this needs to reblogged simply because of stephen colbert…oh what a man

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I can’t not reblog this.

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this is the best moment in one direction concert history

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